Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding items I made

My step daughter, Cyndee, got married yesterday to a wonderful man, Jason.  For my gift to her, I made her a faux wedding cake that was used for a decoration at her shower and wedding.  At the wedding, it also had the useful purpose of being where wedding cards were put.  Now that the wedding is over it will be used to store memorabilia.  I loved making this for her.

The silver horizontal piece on the top layer was made from metal napkin rings that I cut and then flattened in my die cut machine.  The textured paper on the bottom layer is anaglypta wallpaper.  "Finally" is the word they chose.

We found pictures of brooch wedding bouqets on Pinterest so I offered to make one for her and a smaller version for her daughter, my much loved granddaughter, Amber, who walked down the aisle with Cyndee.  I collect vintage jewelry so it wasn't hard to find the pieces needed for the bouquets.  For not ever being a parent, it was wonderful taking part in this joyous occasion.

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Sammi said...

Wendee, every time I look at this I am amazed. It is so incredibly beautiful. Your so talented and Cyndee is very fortunate to have you in her life.