Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Class: Mini Dog Photo Album

I'll be teaching a class on making a Mini Dog Album on Wednesday October 17th in my home, starting at 6:00.  This is a 5" x 7" book made from corrugated boards.  There are 5 double sided pages to this book, which includes 2 half pages in addition to the 5 double sided pages, 2 tags and 2 pop ups made from the popular, oh so easy Sizzix Pop N Cuts. 

You can bring photos of your dog if you'd like, but I doubt we'll have time to adhere any photos.  But you might like photos to help with placement of embellishments, but it's not necessary.

Think of this book for photos of your current furry friend, or to honor a dog that is deceased, as a present for a friend, or ?

The cost of the class is $13 plus the cost of materials.  I will provide the corrugated boards and papers, tags and pop ups, ribbon and die cuts.  I will also have a sheet of paper for each person with dog sayings that can be used in the book, and I will share with you my collection of about 40 dog related stamps, stickers, and other embellishments in addition to what was listed in the first line of this paragraph.  The paper for your book will not look exactly like the photos of the book I made, but will be similar.  I don't know the cost of materials as yet, but it will be minimal.  The cost of the corrugated boards is just $1.00 for each person.

I will require pre-payment of the class cost of $13.  I'll refund your money up to 36 hours before class begins, or if on the night of class you are too sick to leave your house or there is a family emergency.  Please understand that this project is die cut heavy and there will be LOTS of cutting time for me.  If you sign up and then decide not to attend, I will lose money and time if I don't require pre-payment.

I have a large house and I think it will work well for a class.  Feel free to bring a drink.  I might even make cookies !!! 

If you're interested, please sign up soon so I can guage if teaching out of my home is going to work out - at least for this project.  Call me at 363-7739 or email me at or leave a message with this blog.  I will take cash or a check but have no way of taking a credit card.  Once you sign up I can give you directions to my home on the east end of town and can give you the list of supplies you'll need.

You'll need to make sure you bring what you need because I won't have supplies for sale.  Students have always been kind and generous, so if you don't have something, there's probably someone who will share with you.  I'm determined to find a way to teach because I love it so much, and I so enjoy the people who attend classes and being able to share my passion with others.  I hope to see you at this class or the Chrismas pop up class I'm planning for Nov.  Feel free to ask questions or make comments - this is my first attempt at teaching out of a store's venue so I'll need your feedback and suggestions.   WENDEE

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