Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I hope you will join me on August 18th for a very fun, creative class where we will use masks and individual stamps to create 3 cards, 1 notecard and 2 envelopes, one of which we will make using the envelope punch board.

What I mean by individual stamps is that each flower on the cards is a separate stamp.  We will combine those individual stamps, using different colored ink pads on the stamps, to create a background using a mask to mask off areas for a message.  This is a very fun technique that can be used in "zillions" of ways, and it gives you another way to use your stamps.

The class begins at 6:00 at Scrapmania.  The cost for the class is $12.50 for materials and $10 for the teacher.  All of the cards use Hero Arts Shadow inks.  I chose those inks because of the very soft, delicate look they give and how they nicely are absorbed by the paper.  The look is very different from the look from most other ink pads.

The class fee includes Hero Arts Shadow Ink Pads, 4 pack of cube ink pads.

Materials to bring to class:
painter's tape, which can be purchased at Scrapmania
paper cutter
several acrylic blocks

Bring these items if you have them:
envelope punch board
stampa ma jig
individual stamps - look at my cards to get an idea of the stamps to bring, otherwise  you will share my stamps with others in the class

Call Scrapmania to sign up for this class - 377-9999.  I hope to see  you in class.

Here's the cards and envelopes we will decorate in this class:


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