Sunday, January 15, 2012

Orgazining your craft space

I don't know anyone who doesn't agonize over their craft space; how to use it, how to organize it, what's the best storage system, etc. I read a great series all last week on this subject and want to point it out to you because it is so GOOD. The series is at Julie Fey-Fan Balzer's blog, I'm a BIG FAN OF HERS. I love her doodling, her lettering, her stencils.

I'm not doing much and have cancelled several classes I was to teach at the stamp store. We've had several deaths in our family and it's been tough. Also, physically I'm not feeling well. I'm still dealing with the 2nd degree sprain from the fall, but am also having to try to get things done inspite of iron deficiency, which makes me tired, which makes my restless leg syndrome worse, which affects my sleep quality. I go to a neurologist on Tues and am counting on him making me feel wonderful and energetic and young again. Good luck on that, huh?

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