Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Singing Praises

Probably like you, I get SO SICK of automated this and that, the lack of personal attention by businesses, the every day greed and incompetency of so many businesses - and recently I've had a lot of that to deal with. Just makes me want to sit in my chair and watch worthless TV programs all day long while eating junk food !!!

So I just have to sing the praises of Ellison/Sizzix because of the repeated good, personal, friendly, generous service I've gotten. Hallelujah !!!!

1) I took a class from Karen Burniston, a witty, friendly, talented Sizzix designer,, who helped me get an "educator" designation from Sizzix, which now means that I can purchase dies with a very nice discount, the order is processed within 24 hours, the Fed Ex cost is CHEAP and I get the order in 4 days !! WOW. Plus I have access to new products and to lots of ideas and inspiration to help me with my classes.

2) At a Make & Take at the stamp store that I work at, someone broke my beloved Big Shot - probably by forcing something too thick through it - and the crankshaft broke. I called Ellison and since I had paid for it with Paypal, I was able to send the receipt that same day to the woman from Ellison. There was no charge for the crankshaft or for postage. If I hadn't had a receipt, I would have been charged only FIVE DOLLARS !

3) The crankshaft was sent out the next day after they got the Paypal receipt, but the package never made it to my house. I was in a panic because I had a class to get ready for. After waiting 10 days, Ellison sent me a BRAND NEW BIG SHOT that I received in 4 days, giving me plenty of time to get ready for class.

4) I placed my first "educator" order late last night in an email and got a return email this morning regarding it. I called in my credit card number and was told the order will go out today or tomorrow.

Thank you Karen, Sizzix and Ellison. I can get so discouraged (and really crabby) having to deal with incompetent, uncaring, impersonal companies, and it is SO NICE to deal with people who CARE about good service and just being a decent person.

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Karen B said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had such a great experience with Ellison/Sizzix. I love working with them!