Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not Much Improvement Yet

This is what my foot looks like 10 days after the fall that caused the sprain and chipped bone. Have been to phys therapy 3 times for treatment for pain and swelling and would have gone more except for the holidays shutting down the office. I have 3 appointments scheduled every week for the next month. Lots of icing, elevation, light exercises, VERY light massage - you wouldn't believe how overly sensitive the nerves are in my ankle. Can't hardly stand to have my ankle touched.

Good friend Karla took me out yesterday to see A Dolphin's Tale and that lifted my spirits. First time I had been out of the house since the fall except for phys therapy appointments.

Will do a Make & Take at the store today and see how that goes. It's only 2 hours and I should be able to elevate my foot. Have to depend on husband and friends for transportation and most everything else in my life. That's almost as hard on me as the pain! FOotunately my arm has healed so that I can use crutches. Not a happy camper.

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