Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hello Spring !!!

Today I don't feel so overwhelmed by grief. I can actually recognize this beautiful spring day and appreciate it. I heard the birds this morning and purposely walked outside to smell the lilacs. I'm guessing what has helped to pick me up is that I made May Baskets and delivered them to two elderly friends and my grandchildren yesterday.
The night before May 1st I was remembering how mom would take the time to make May baskets with us. She'd buy mints and nuts to put in them and then help us pick violets and lilies of the valley. My mom had so little time and even less money, but she loved us so much that she did all she could to create special days in our lives.
Last evening I found two messages for me on the phone, one from each grandchild, thanking me for the basket. I cried and thanked God for these children in my life, and then thanked mom. When I was a little kid Mom taught me to give to others and all these years later when I give May Baskets the gesture comes around full circle to give me comfort when I am lonely and missing my mom.
This photo was taken last year in our garden. The birdbath was decorated by me with ceramic tile and china.


sue said...

That's a great story about the May baskets, and so nice that you're keeping that memory & tradition alive by passing it on to the grandkids. Knowing how much you love your gardens, I'm glad that you took the time to go out & smell those lilacs. Now I wish ours would bloom!

easyjourney said...

Sunshine and smiles from Florida xxoo Astrid PS I want to make May baskets I never heard of them before.