Monday, April 23, 2007


Time Heals. That's been said to me a bunch of times since mom died. Doesn't do me much good now at 54 days after her death. Am trying to use what I've learned about loss - mainly to just let myself grieve and not put any pressure on myself to act a certain way or to follow any kind of timeline. Somedays I just vegetate and I can't manage even doing dishes. Other days I have a bit more energy and manage to fix dinner, do dishes and a load of laundry, and somedays I even accomplish something at work.

I know lots of people have found comfort in being creative but so far that hasn't happened with me. Working on artwork expressing my feelings about my mom's death brings everything to the surface - not just the pain and sadness, but also the remorse and anger. The emotions become more detailed and more specific.

In the earlier post I mentioned the House project I've begun. I was drawn to this project because of wanting to honor mom. I've gathered photos and art supplies for this project, but when I sit at my desk, ready to work, I find myself disorganized and scattered and then I get frustrated.

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easyjourney said...

Dear Wendee, take it easy and it's OK to feel anything you are feeling. Let the feelings just flow, they are meant to bring on a different phase. Healing comes in stages. Big Hug for you sweetie! Astrid