Monday, April 23, 2007

Thought I'd try my hand at blogging. Not sure how I'll use this blog, but I guess I'll find out once I start using it.Seems the place to start is with the place I'm at right now, today, which is 53 days after my mom died. I go from numb to being overwhelmed with emotion. There are moments when I'm not thinking of or feeling my mom's death, but then a smell or sound or image will return me to my grieving. I sit for days, vegetating in front of the TV, but then I feel a strong draw towards expressing myself. Once I start putting pen or paint to paper, I sink to an even sadder level.I'm now working on a large 3D house that I bought at a 2nd hand store. It is a doll house with built in slots in the house's walls for 4 small board books. I have titled the house "Where Love Lives" and I want the house to tell the story of the love my mother had for her daughters. I'll alter the 4 books and they will be shrines. At times I feel good working on this project. But other times, as I'm going through photo albums looking for photos to use, I'm reminded of things that make me sad.In the 53 days since my mom died I have gotten two complementary issues from Stampington; the bra purse I made is on the cover of Haute Handbag2 and an article I wrote about a purse I made is in the May/June issue of Belle Armoire. Because of mom's dementia, she wouldn't have totally understood, but she would have been proud of me anyway.

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easyjourney said...

Dear Wendee, I am so sorry to hear of your Mom's Passing. Words are difficult in light of your great loss. May you endure these difficult days and come to a place of peace and understanding. You are not alone but in the company of many caring hearts. Love and Comfort, Astrid